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Nobody expects the Alaskan Politician!

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Howto: In Outlook, ensure all appointments have reminders
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I just wrote this up for work, but it seems like the kind of thing that might be useful to others, and that they wouldn't mind me sharing with friends, so I'm posting a copy here too. (Plus, it might be good for future reference, if you know what I mean...)


Apparently, there are some people in this world who are are able to perform certain tasks automatically:
  • Knowing what time it is.
  • Remembering that they have a meeting at a given time in the future.
  • Realizing when that time has arrived and actually going to that meeting.
I, personally, am incapable of doing any of these things. So, I rely on tools like Outlook and my Comm / PDA / Smartphone to do them for me. (Well, all but actually going to the meeting. I still have to do that myself, but the Comm does remind me of it.)

Unfortunately, Outlook has this annoying feature (more like a design flaw) that sets the reminder on an incoming event invitation based on the sender's preferences instead of mine, and not alerting me when they differ. So I get an invitation, happily accept it, with every intention of attending, then blithely forget to actually go, because no alert was triggered, because no reminder was on the original invitation.

("But," you ask, "can't you change the reminder settings to whatever you want when you get the invitation?" Yes, yes I can, but I don't remember that earlier. Let's add that one to the list of stuff I can't do:
  • Remembering to check the reminder settings of all incoming meeting invitations.
And move on.)
Finally, I've put together a working solution... Read more...Collapse )

Dr. Horrible - Act II is up, and the website hasn't crashed yet.
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It's a brand new day....

Sometimes it's worth staying up way too late. G'night Dr. Horrible!

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I'm not sure how many people I'm going to get that haven't already seen it in fizzgig_bites' journal, or elsewhere, but it's kinda important, so I'm posting it anyway...

The ACLU is sponsoring an ad in the New York Times in order to illustrate public outrage over the Constitutional violations in the FISA Bill. If you want to add your name, click here.

Public service announcement - Shareaza
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Spread the Word - SHAREAZA™ is the property of the Shareaza development team.

Spreading the word - online petition to support science education in Florida
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Florida Citizens for Science has created an online petition. Please take a moment to sign it. Provided we can collect a decent number of signatures, we then plan on printing a copy and presenting it to the State Board of Education. We don’t have much time, though, so please don’t put it off!

Plus, meandering has created an LJ feed of the Florida Citizens for Science here: fl_citizen_sci.

Musical Interlude
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Hey, gardenwaltz, I think you'd enjoy this.

(It's a few days old, but that's because I'm lazy!)

In related news, fizzgig_bites got me a near-complete JoCo collection for Hannukah, making me a very happy little code monkey. :) I love the little Creative Commons logo on the corner of the CD sleeve!

Unconfirmed news
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I cannot verify the accuracy of any of this. I pass it on it hopes that it may be true.

> Dear All,
> Kindly forgive the brevity and the lack of
> formatting of the following email. I am now sending
> this information out as we are now receiving it. As
> many of you are now aware phone lines have been cut,
> mobile networks have been disabled, and Internet
> access has also been disabled. Information,
> therefore, is now very difficult to obtain and
> confirm. I therefore am unable to confirm any of
> that which follows, but my sources are adamant that
> this is the truth:
> Soldiers from LID #66 have turned their weapons
> against other SPDC soldiers and possibly police in
> North Okkalappa township in Rangoon and are
> defending the protesters. At present unsure how
> many soldiers involved. Some reports cite "heavy
> shooting" in the area.
> Other unconfirmed reports have stated that soldiers
> from LID #33 in Mandalay have refused orders to act
> against protesters. Some reports claim that many
> soldiers remained in their barracks. More recent
> reports now maintain that soldiers from LID #99 now
> being sent there to confront them.
> Reports of approx. 10,000+ protesters gathering
> around the Traders Hotel in Rangoon.
> Reports of 10,000+ protesters gathering at San Pya
> Market in Rangoon.
> Further reports of approx. 50,000 protestors
> gathering at the Thein Gyi Market in Rangoon.
> According to Mizzima, an unknown number of soldiers
> from Central Command and South East Command are
> presently on their way to Rangoon to reinforce SPDC
> army troops.
> Also according to Mizzima, an unknown number of
> aircraft have been scrambled from "Matehtilar"
> airbase - probably a reference to Meiktila in
> Mandalay Division.
> According to one journalist, SPDC have turned water
> cannons against crowds at Sule Pagoda. The report
> maintains that the water contained some type of
> chemical. awaiting further information.
> Please circulate this information as widely as as
> quickly as possible.
> Regards,
> Jason
> Research Director
> Human Rights Documentation Unit
> National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma

More blatant self-promotion, as if you care.
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A few days ago, I created a few syndicated accounts for some of my self-indulgent blather. I recently created another one for my Google Reader shared items at ximinez_greader. Again, shouldn't be much overlap with other feeds and such, just because of the way I use it.

This time, I waited until it initialized so that it won't slam anybody's friends page the first time around.

Hey, I forgot I could do that
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Reminded earlier today that I can create syndicated accounts on LiveJournal now, I created one for my bookmarks at ximinez_delic, and one for my Twitter micro-blog at ximinez_twitter.

I don't tend to crosspost (much) between them, so anyone interested is not likely to see a whole lot of redundant garbage. No, it will be mostly new and unique garbage. How cool is that?

Edit: Catch up on your friends page before adding these. The first pull off the feed was a doozy.

Ear bugs
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Listening to TWiT this morning on the way in to work. They were talking about the 25th anniversary of the CD, and went around the panel talking about their first CD. Naturally, this triggered me to think about my first CD, which I'm kinda embarrassed to admit was Guns and Roses' Appetite for Destruction. Coincidentally, Anna was going through my CD collection the other day, and asked me to play that CD for her. (Because she "thought it would be cool." Heh.)

With the combination of the two, now I've got Welcome to the Jungle stuck in my head, and I can't shake it.

Maybe I'll re-queue Coverville's Led Zeppelin cover story to try to drown it out... ;)


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